RZ might look quite a bit like me, but she has her mothers eyes, and love for annoying detail-centric foods like Pomegranates.

This was so awesome, There was a 3 foot radius of Pomegranate seed & juice destruction surrounding ground zero. Click on the image for another view.

Maybe I should only eat things that are annoyingly slow to gnosh, and never really fill you up. I am so sick and tired of complaining about feeling big (206lbs recently) that I am on a fairly serious diet. Ignore the chocolate soy thing, it’s good for recovery.

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  1. all good except the soy. men should not touch the stuff

  2. Are you following a formal diet of some sort, or just making it up as you go along?

    (Soy isn’t so bad in normal quantities, Mr. Arnason. :D)

  3. Brett,

    I have heard that some men have bad reactions to it. But I don’t think I am one of them. Ensure is one of my favorite recovery drinks post-workout, and it’s soy. But this is something I have certainly heard.


    yeah, somewhat making it up. I find that if I make better choices during the day, go real light on the carbs for dinner & eat early rather than late, extra weight does slowly go away. I am a bigger guy who burns a lot of energy, and has a body that changes fast, towards good or bad, so I am lucky in that I never feel like I am treading water.

    This article in the NYT fascinated me, and I am trying to be good & get interested about eating more greens.

  4. I read a few months ago that soy is something men should never eat.

    ok for the ladies. It boosts estrogren levels.

    i think you need to be careful how much.

  5. Haha! You’re fat, daddy!

    No, really, I feel your pain, Andrew. I am also at 206 and it drives me nuts. I was 170 when I started ice 7 years ago, but I continue to set PB’s in LT.

  6. RZ kinda looks like a crazed serial killer in that pic. Cute nonetheless!

  7. Yes, she is so cute. You are truly blessed to be experiencing all that comes along with fatherhood. Glad it’s you, ’cause you’re the right kind of person to be a father.

  8. Hi Andrew; Love your passion for sports; my older guy diet advice is know the glycemic index and learn to love oatmeal and Kashi cereals. All fiber tends to slow down digestion and feed your body in a more efficient way. The bike says 14% body fat is good and probably skating too. Good luck!

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