Season’s End

How does that saying go? It’s not over till the fat lady sings? I have an addition to that saying, specific to speedskating.

“The season is not over till Mahoney slides”

I’ve seen Charlie do this to ceremonially end the season a couple of times. He gave himself some pretty nice iceburn on his back. At least he is already a medical professional.

His skills were unfortunately needed at the Champions Challenge this year, as top athlete Kelly Gunther had a horrible crash, one of the worst seen on the long track at the Utah oval in a very long time.

She snapped her leg in multiple places, and is going to have a very long recovery. So many of us wish her a speedy recovery.

Many of the SLC crowd ended their season here. I ended my season the moment I stepped off the ice in Baselga three weeks earlier. I won’t lie, it’s been a hard year.

Two disappointing ice seasons in a row now.

There certainly were some good things that happened this year; but when it comes to me vs. myself, I’m not satisfied.

Speedskating is such a brutally difficult sport, if you are not making clear progress, it can leave a bad taste in your mouth.

However, so many other good things are happening, I am at peace. Things like this–

RZ is on a kickbike here. It has no pedals, and so she can walk along with her feet on the ground. Eventually she will figure out that she can pick up her feet and coast along after a good strong kick.

Most kids who learn on a kickbike never need training wheels.

Daddy is very proud.

Ice… SchmIce… my daughter has a BIKE!!!!

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  1. It DOES work! We did the same thing for Ellie — Evan just took the pedals off a regular bike and she scooted all around the neighborhood. Now she’s kicking ass and taking names.

    Go RZ Go!

  2. The title of this post made me sad….and I don’t even skate!
    Definitely a bittersweet post. Thanks!

  3. My brother had pretty good luck getting kids started on a scooter, then moving up to the bike.

    Back to skating, we have one more set of fun races on the 22nd of March during the open speed session with dinner and awards afterwords. You should come out at least to give a plug for Masters events even if you don’t skate.

  4. I love RZ’s purple helmet! She is soooo cute and I can’t believe how big she is getting.

    Wish I knew of those bikes when my kids were learning-would have saved a lot of headaches! :) But, we all made it through and they zip around everywhere.

    I hear ya on the 2-yr-in-a-row season…hopefully things will mesh better come September. For now, it is cycling season! :)

  5. I sure hope thats a specialized bike lol.

  6. We had a bike about the same size for our kids, We took it out of the trash! I told them not to use the pedals, just kick and zoom. Worked like a dream. The 8 yr old asked today if we could ride a 5 miler tomorrow, it will be her 2nd ride of the season. :) Go RZ!

  7. Okay, kiddo next trip to the park, let’s ride bikes with RZ!!! :0 Hey, funny there is a salon on 900 E appropriately named “Salon RZ!” I’m sure you’ve driven by 100 times.

  8. Regardless of the skating season… I know you are a rich and happy man with Jessica and a daughter like her! :-)

  9. RZ is absolutely adorable! What a great picture!
    Give my little friend a hug for me :)

  10. Watch out boys, RZ will drop you like a stone on them hills and have no mercy! If she doesn’t, she will kill you with her smile and the twinkle in her eyes! (Daddy get ready)

    Andrew- this season has been a great one for many reasons. Its end is both bittersweet and relaxed but focused. Finally being back out on the bike is divine!

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  12. Sorry, Mahoney’s slide is not the end of the season. The end of the season is when Eric drags Andrew to the ice on his fix blades and does 100 laps.

    See ya next Friday buddy. NO FREAKING EXCUSES!!! ;)

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