We have names for the colors we can see; Reds, greens, blues, bent through cornea, lens flare and pixels.

But our cornucopia of names trails off when color arcs into ultraviolet and infrared, X-ray and gamma, even though those powerful wavelengths flow through us.

So it is with love. Such a simple word, but I am out of the arc I can describe. It cuts through me and leaves the bones of things glimmering & clear.

Wife, kid, a simple walk on a beautiful spring day.

Why has it taken me almost 40 years of life, to arrive here?

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  1. The last 2 posts have a strange symmetry, don’t they? calm and intensity, joy and pain, love and (a brush with) death. Not contrasts, exactly, all those things are tightly interwoven in BOTH stories.

    beautiful pix. Oddly, seeing the gash in your arm was reassuring - OK, no splintered bones hanging out. i love the bit about stitching techniques. At least it wasn’t, “See, RZ - this is a vein…”

    Inattention to signals can happen at any age. Wanting to go enough that we ignore the signals - maybe MORE when younger. Don’t beat yourself up over that. This having happened, you’ll be more aware, more wise, in the future.

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  4. You ask why it’s taken so long for you to arrive here?

    It is because you wouldn’t have had such a deep, colorful appreciation of it until now.

    It doesn’t matter so much that it happened now, but that it did happen.

    Not everyone is so fortunate to see what lies in the troughs between the wavelengths of our lives.

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