Reach in. Have a drink. Stay.

A picture I took with a camera that was handed to me; at a party celebrating a friends 10th wedding anniversary.

Fresh pressed tablecloth, the cluster of candles & flow of light. Wine as crisp and red and flavorful as the picture suggests.

Intersections; angles of seams pressed in cloth.

Reach in. Have a drink. Stay.

The two women off camera right, one of them was the owner of that glass of wine (nothing here is staged).

They were in their late 30’s / early 40’s. Educated, probably professionals of some type, or married to professionals.

Moms for sure. But able to still dress up & be mistaken for younger, unless you listen to their voices.

You can hear maturity as surely as you can feel an elevator shoot you helplessly upwards through a high-rise. 21st floor, 30th floor, 40th floor… Ding…. welcome to right now.

But yes, back to the wine.

When I was handed the camera, I felt awake again in a strange way. I kept firing off pictures in hopelessly low light conditions.

The pictures/pixels were unimportant, but looking at things somehow mattered again. Listening mattered. The conversation & the crowd on the dance floor- mattered.

I’ve never written a goodbye post here, even as other responsibilities have crushed/overwhelmed the time I used to spend blogging.

Overwhelmed by tiredness, overwhelmed by work/dad/life- sleep was all that mattered. But RZ has been sleeping though the night for the past month.

and I think I might be waking up again.

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  1. Andrew, you’re better than ever; that was intrinsically concise ‘extemporaneous existentialism’..or whatever you young whippersnappers want to call it..;)

  2. If you find encouragement in this, then the goal has been met. You’ve brought to our attention why speedskating is so important and an integral part of the lives of many on the national team and of those of us who are recreationaly-minded short and long trackers.

    You’ve made THE difference and have made it WAY more interesting than the ISU ever cares to make it.

    You’ve got the organization. You’ve got the skaters. This blog is the “bridge” that spans the gap between the two.

    Of course, the focus has been primarily on the “Art” of speedskating, and for that, I am eternally grateful for what you’ve shared.

  3. You’re here! You’re really here! I appreciate you being a busy dad, husband, worker, volnteer, athlete and all the other hats you wear. Glad to see that you’re able to come back to Zen. Reach in. Have a Drink. Stay …

    or at least pause!

    Linda V.

  4. Andrew- I’d love to have a drink with you! Keep on going on and enjoy the ride. Thanks for sharing your point of view. It’s refreshing and precise.

  5. I promised I would come over from FB to comment! :)

    So, so glad to see you back…with such a brilliant post!

    I can almost hear the music crooning as I reach for my glass of wine….


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