a nice reflection during one of my 500m races during the 1st USA Masters Single Distance Championships.

I like this photo. Steve Penland took the original. It’s just how life feels now. A snapshot, reflection. Stuff is going on.

Need… Sleep..

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  1. It’s like Derrick’s “Reflections in the Ice” book cover.

  2. Awesome pic Andrew

  3. When life feels like a reflection, put a new face forward, confront comfort and stay in the game!

  4. It,s a beautiful suggestive picture, lots to project about as one wishes.
    .thecolors are beautiful,as the textures of the surface seem to transfer like in dreams, the red top sintels of atletic runaround, opposite the metalmirror surface of the ice, it,s just the transfer between conscious activity and the ideal that reflects in the realm of the mind. the two pivots or what they are called make the connection, they are inseperable! very subtle, thats an image, a thing!

    last week i refected on the near end of my iceskatingseason, the reality of that made me a little moody, but at the same time i realised the opposite emotion of satisfaction and gladness, cause i did come far this year in progress on the ice, so many good moments to look back too,
    coming time i gonna evaluate my experiences, as a preparation for upcoming season. this image fits very well for me, for this process.
    I like to print it out.

  5. It’s been a year. Anything to follow-up, on?

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