Some of the readers of this blog have seen me skate in years past, and understand that I am fundamentally a bulldog in lycra. For years I have scampered down the track with my knees far apart, relying on strength & quickness to go fast instead of actually skating with the proper physical geometry. In short, I skate ugly, sometimes a fast ugly, but still f-ugly.

Bringing my knees together, and having patience during the weight transfer to create proper pressure into the ice has always been a huge weakness of mine, so you can understand how this series of images from today’s practice makes me incredibly happy.

By no means is this perfect technique, I will never reach that, (who will?), but this truly is a vast improvement, and proof that a summer of dryland is the forge of good technique in the winter. Now if I can just do something about that left elbow sticking out unnecessarily into the wind…..

I need to sleep, 3 hours this morning, lifting this evening.. oh joy!

4 Responses to “Knees”

  1. NICE!!!!!! (YOU’RE GONNA FLY!)

  2. Andrew, the picutres say it all. All your hard work is paying off!


  3. I thought it was only girls who were supposed to keep their knees together.

  4. mom, that is only girls who want to go FAST!!! who need to keep their knees together…

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