4th Anniversary

This is not a blog about my marriage, it’s a blog about other things, but it’s worth saying that the smartest thing I have ever said was asking Jessica to marry me. Today is our 4th wedding anniversary!

We went to the Circle Lounge in downtown Salt Lake, told the sushi chef it was our anniversary, and just be crazy creative, we will eat whatever you make! We experienced giant roses made of sashimi! Succulent grilled whitefish collarbone meat! Rice in wild flavors & shapes, perfect asparagus… mmmmm!!! What you see below is the peanut butter chip covered chocolate cake finale to one of the most amazing meals I have ever eaten! And of course, the company was wonderful.

Thanks Jess, for everything. I know a lot of words, but none that clearly says how much I love you.

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  1. Just keep it up, both of you.
    You’re on track.

  2. many more, andrew and jess

  3. Just catching up, Andrew! YAY for four years and going strong. Please say hi to Jess. I will write you both a real letter… I’ve been meaning to since I saw you and then all hell broke loose… Sorry.

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