Header Graphics

Although I am certainly not a samurai of photoshop (and I have so much respect for those who are), I like playing around and pushing pixles… here are some of the headers that have graced this site

some of these images are wider than the page, and are somewhat hidden by the right hand bar, click on them to get the full version.

the morning mountains outside of salt lake city, october 2004

me taking a corner on a cold night in lake placid, january 2005

Dryland in the ocean, April 12th, 2005. I took this down when I noticed that I had the wrong arm forward!!

Dryland on the shores of the stinky, fly ravaged, rotting, absolutely beautiful Great Salt Lake

Fortune cooke, may 7th, 2005 (click this one to see it, its longer than the screen)

Fast corner on Salt Lake city ice, August, 2005

My feet, my blades, November 2005

A picture my old coach boris took, of an airplane somewhere over the Atlantic

The olympic flame, I took this image during the 2002 games, the night of the men’s 10k. I published this in february 2006

The raccoon mascot of the 1980 games, august 2006

I never published this one, It was too busy & overwhelmed the blog title. but as a piece of art, I like it. This is about 150-200 meters into a 1000 during the Jack Shea sprints, John Dimon is the second person on the far right, and my parents are standing on the far left.

My feet slicing through an inch of water, during a driving rainstorm at the Jack Shea Sprints. January 6th, 2007-

This is probably my favorite header, and has lasted the longest of any of these pictures, since February of 2007
This picture was taken by Lori at Shadowcatcher, LTD

2 Responses to “Header Graphics”

  1. Wow. Changes look good! You are going to be the Johnny Appleseed of Speedskating. Just let me know when I can buy a T-shirt.

    Zen and The Art of Speedskating ….2012 Academy Award Nominee , best documentary…….you heard it here first.

  2. Your new website changes look awesome Andrew!