Index to early writing:

Why did I write these works listed here? and why are they so friggin long?

I was told when I was very young that I had a gift for writing. Writing & the written word have always been as natural to me as talking (and I write almost as fast as I talk).

Some garden, some collect things, I write.

Re-reading these as I was posted them is interesting experience.

Time makes one forgets so much, but setting an experience into words preserves it.



After years of staircase sprints up the ivory tower, I recieved my BA from Hampshire college, and then my MFA in creative writing from Colorado State University.

When I started using email reguarly in 1994, I discovered quickly that friends loved my long descriptions of racing. After race weekends I would get emails asking for the account. So I wrote a lot of them, and began to save them. Every one of these "race novels" was first an email or letter to good folks like Jessica, Evan, Kirk, Carla, John Dimon, or my brother David. I make no claims for accuracy in them, my main goal is to preseve the memory of them.

Writing has also helped me figure out why I am such a competion junkie, as I have stepped to the start line almost 500+ times in 12 different sports since I started bike racing in the the fall of 1989. (yeah, that's nuts, I was shocked when I figured that one out, here is the list of the sports I have done)

My dream job still is to teach creative writing at a liberal arts college, but those jobs are brutally difficult to find, so I turned to the tech world, added HTML to my command of the english language (I still call english my best coding language), and I use my writing skills professionally every day. The internet is, after all, primarily a forum of the written word.

I was briefly derailed in my tech career by 43.84 seconds on my 31st birthday, that moment led directly to this site.