Index to Videos

Is a picture worth a thousand words? only if its a good one!

So does that make an outstandingly produced online video worth a novel?

Someday I will make a comprehensive list of everything I have ever shot, but for now, Here is a link to my Youtube Homepage

I once spent a whole day adding up how many times videos I have produced have been watched.

Between YouTube, Hipcast (an early competitor to Youtube I still use) and high quality Quicktime,

its about 65,000!!!


Here are some other projects I've created, some serious, most just for fun.

A few small websites:

This small, fun site is something my wife put together about her Veterinary spay/neuter trip to Mexico

And here is another site she did, about a trip we took to europe

Quicktime VR's of 400m ovals
These files are quicktime VRs, if you have never seen one, they are quite cool. Use your mouse button & the controls to click-drag, & browse around the scene, as well as zoom in and out.

  1. Milwaulkee during a busy practice, october 2004.
  2. Lake Placid, during an allaround race in December 2002
  3. Calgary on a quiet morning in July, 2002
  4. Salt Lake Zamboni time before the 2002 olympic 10k
  5. Ottawa, bbrrrrr. It was -27f that day!! January 2004
  6. Montreal, Gatean Brochear oval in November 2003, warm & wet.
  7. Minneapolis, During North American Packstyle Championships, February 2004
  8. Inzell, Before the Masters International Sprint Championship, January 2004
  9. Do you have a VR of an oval? if so, contact me!

Andrew Racing

  1. The Evolution of a Skater, from 43.8 to 37.75
  2. A 500m outdoor PB on my birthday last year.
  3. Thankgiving, 2004, 500m PB in Calgary
  4. Training in Milwaukee 1/21/2005 it doesn't LOOK like I am going 32.5 mph here, does it? (27.5 seconds for this flying 400m effort).
  5. Skating on a pond, in a lot of fresh powder snow. This is my 3rd day ever on clap skates. Fun!

Assorted Quicktime Movies

  1. My buddy Olu's 500 and 3000m races in Calgary
  2. The introduction movie for Dimon Sports
  3. Why my brother moved to Texas

The rant list: