Jessica's Trip to Italy & Switzerland 1/8/06-1/16/06

* Family * Italy * Lugano * Davos *

Andrew did a series of races in Europe in January '06. It seemed silly not to take advantage of the opportunity to visit my family in Italy and see Andrew race in Switzerland. Unfortunately Andrew couldn't join me in Italy, but we met up in Lugano, Switzerland.

I visited my family in Italy first. They all live on the outskirts of Milan. I have three half-siblings, Luciano, Adriano, and Betti, and they are between 10 and 17 years older than me. This is Luciano and me. Doesn’t he look like my dad?!!?

Luciano and his wife, Concetta.  
Here are Davide, Stefano, and Matteo, Luciano and Concetta’s three kids. They’re lovely!  
All of us, but too serious.  

All of us again, but having more fun.

Just an aside… I’m wearing the same clothes in a lot of these pictures because the airline lost my bag, and didn’t get it to me until 5 days later…

I love these buildings. I have no idea how old they are but they’re so European and beautiful. This is near Betti’s house. Sorry the pic is fuzzy.  
Betti and her husband Angelo have two kids, Beatrice and Riccardo. Here are Betti and Riccardo.  
Two pics of Bea and Riccardo.  
Angelo and Betti!  
Adriano is married to Luciana, and their children are Alessandra, Laura, and Mika, who is adoped from Romania. Here are Alessandra and Laura.  
Mika modeling for me!  
Laura and Mika.  
Laura. She hates this picture because she’s in sweats, but I think she looks great.  
Laura does great art! She loves Tolkien and anatomy, hence the elf head/skull and Gollum. The last piece is unfinished.  
This amazing map of Middle Earth is in Italian! She made this, and singed the edges.  
Alessandra. She's so pretty!  
This is Luciana, and her mother Rosa.  
My half-brother Adriano is the mayor of Agrate, the town he lives in. Alessandra brought me to his office before we went into Milano.  
The four siblings went out to dinner, and here is the picture of us with our delicious pizzas.  

* Family * Italy * Lugano * Davos *

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