I was shocked when I finally sat down and figured out the various sports I have actually competed in over the years. Not counting my first 18 years of hockey, karate and baseball, here is the list.

Road Bicycle Racing (the vast majority)
Track Bicycle Racing
Mountain Bicycle Racing
CycloCross Racing
Outdoor Inline Speedskating
Indoor Inline Speedskating
Short Track Speedskating
Long Track Speedskating, from sprints to marathons, pack and metric.
Classic and Skate cross country ski racing
5k running races
Winter Triathlons (an insane experience at 10,000 feet in a blizzard!)
Snowshoe racing (only one, and it was weird and horrible, also at a high altitiude, around 9,000 feet)

I was pretty much a middle of the pack athlete in all of these, until I found Long Track Ice Speedskating Sprints, where I discovered the sport my genetics and personality completely match with!