One day, as I was slogging through my former life as a cubicle inhabiting corporate techie. My friend Lisa got an email from a friend who claimed, after her hard day, that she had attained the state of becoming The mangled bunny of exhaustion

I thought this was quite funny, so here are a couple of other related critters to said bunny.

the crushed worm of delusion
the trembling salmon of dating
the agitated Yak of angst
the armored wasp of doubt
the demure lemur of freedom
the joyous flatworm of love
the murmuring gorilla of potential
the fibrulating amoeba of indecision
the binary ant of productivity
the reticent lobster of imagination
the philosophical barnacle of loyalty
the sleek puma of desire
the contemplative penguin of endurance
the roaming coyote of worry
the anonymous toad of kindness
t the sad crab of delusion

my friend kirk wrote me that he has known the mangled bunny as well, and these creatures too:

the covetous monkey of jealousy
the grieving whale of anger
the elated wolf of prosperity
the determined beaver of exhaustion

My wife added these:

the delighted kinkajou of confusion
the fragrant otter of pessimism
the liquid cat of sleep
the valiant chicken of fear
the crafty badger of peace

Kirk's son, dane, added this beastiary as well, (dane was 5)

the ant of madness and sick
the hippo of justice
the turtle of silliness
the lobster that believes in magic
the chicken that thought he could destroy the earth
the woodpecker of peck
the tweety bird of plants
the chipmunk that rides in cars
the cricket of hopping city
the bunny that holds the sun
the cat of sleepiness
the mouse of school
the frog of seashells