40 yard dash training poem april 27th, 2004

Warmsoft nice morning spent coffee in hand, easy easy
all the time in the world to get the workout in, right?

clouds fatblack cold wind pours on quick at 11am, shit!
runshoes, stopwatch, getincar and go to the track

coldcoldbluster warm up as best I can, patient stretch jog & speeddrills
last year, 5.16-5.23 when I did 40 yarders
one magic day I did several 4.97-5.03, that’s my barometer of me
ferocious stopwatch ego measurement, just gotta beat me, no one else matters

sweatcold on skin, nows the time, gotta be puma loose & ready to go
get psyched psyched psyched, tailwind on the track!
If I don’t go a PB I am a worthless husk of shit today..

First 40 yarder! ready, coil like spring, BAM-WHOOSH, 5.09! shit,
Year of effort/sacrifice and I am no better, justa shitty dreamer I am
Second one, angry like bull, sweaty, ready, BAM-ZIIIP 5.12!
I can never get better, I will never be better, I must be better than this, better than I was

Third one, ready ready ready ready ready NOW!-ZOOOM 5.06!
Getting there, optimism, that’s my 4th fastest ever, little torn muscles in my
Hammies are arguing with me, like busted violin strings during a concert

Fourth one, tired, pride on the line, I am not here, I am in Norway, I see the inside of the rink, the ice in front of me, crouch for start, teeth grindgrowl, ZAAAAM! 4.80!!!!!
YEAH! That’s the ticket! I am worth cowshit!

Fifth one, satisfaction and confidence, ready, focus! POWPOWPOW 5.11!
Maybe faster, I did not hit the buttons exactly right
But its an okslow, today’s victory done, headgames are over

Cruel littleyellow stopwatch goes back into the gymbag, its really cold
Darkcrudclouds spit the coldfronts fully here now
rain falls wind tries to bite
But I walkslow to the car,