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Day Five: La Ribera

We were driven from Jeep's on the Pacific coast to a town called La Ribera, which is a town on the Sea of Cortez. We took a route through the mountains, which was beautiful.

This church is at the center of a mountain town called El Trionfo.
We arrived to applause from the volunteers in La Ribera! It was 11 AM and we got right to work. The clinic was at an outdoor performance venue. The blue tarp was set up over our surgery area, which looked to me like a concession stand. As I was taking the picture, behind me was a grandstand.
Robin is making faces, and Kris Ann (back to camera) is talking with Susan, a key volunteer who was very important in organizing this expedition - and she fed us dinner!
These pups were among the first to go to surgery in La Ribera, and they were so precious I couldn't resist taking their picture.
More sedated dogs. It was a lot warmer in La Ribera than in Todos Santos, so we kept all dogs out of the sun. The sedated dogs were tied to the metal beams under the bleachers.
Bruce is working across from Al, who is a volunteer from the nearby town of Buena Vista, one of the most beautiful places on earth (in my opinion). Many locals showed up to watch.
Long ago, this dog suffered a broken leg that was never treated, so it healed completely straight in a fixed position. The dogs have to be on their backs for spays, so the leg was kind of in the way. Kris Ann adapted like a pro. You can see the dog's foot poking out from under her armpit.
The volunteers set up recovery next to the bleachers, in the shade. They even had wee-wee pads for the dogs.
Kris Ann and an admirer.
Robin makes a friend.
Awww, Kris Ann and Robin. If only Robin would stop making faces... would see what a nice smile he has. But now Kris Ann is making a face. Really, they're a lovely couple.
We got done early enough to hit the beach in La Ribera. It's "late winter" in La Ribera, but that didn't stop us crazy Americans from swimming in the "freezing" water. Note the pelicans by the shore.

We stayed at the lovely home of Bob and Penny, whose house had a view of the Sea of Cortez. It was such a beautiful home, and they were so hospitable - I could go on and on.


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