Jessica's RAM trip to Baja Mexico


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She got her name from Spanish for "female," or "embra." Here she is when I first met her, in La Ribera.


How did I get a pup into the US, you may wonder? Well, we got papers for her from a local vet, and the volunteers outfitted me with puppy food, a tapestry carry-on bag that she would fit into, small dishes, and paper towels. She was so debilitated that she sat quietly for my entire flight, under the seat in front of me, without making a sound. Continental didn't know I had a dog with me. I passed through customs without difficulty when I explained what I had been doing in Baja and when I showed the agent my paperwork. It was surprisingly easy.

Here she is on the bathroom floor of my parents' house. She was so skinny when she arrived, with a big belly full of worms.

We took an old sock of my mothers and made a sweater for her. It was in the 50s in NJ, way too cold for the Baja dog! Here she is with my mother.
Ember in Ithaca! My father had made this dog bed for our dearly departed seventy-pound boxer. Ember looks like a speck compared with Satchmo.
Ember in my husband Andrew's lap.

Two days later up in Ithaca, still skinny but eating a ton.

Ember quickly outgrew my mother's sock so we sacrificed one of Andrew's. She's so stylish. In a week she had outgrown this one too.


This picture shows Ember after two weeks of eating all she can. She's 11 pounds, up from 7 pounds when we got her. She can still stand to put more fat over those ribs. So how are we dealing with having a new puppy? We're not... the plan all along was to find a home for her.

Here is Ember with her new daddy, Matt. We met Matt and Diedre (who isn't in the picture because she had a cold) when we were walking Ember. They were admiring Ember, and when we mentioned that she was up for adoption, they latched on. They lost their beloved dog a year ago, and had been searching for the perfect dog ever since. They're great people, and we can see their house from our back yard. I cried when Matt and Diedre left with her, but then again, it's soooo nice not to have to clean up pee and poop. Go figure, she hasn't had any accidents since she started living with them....
So say goodbye to the happy puppy, a perfect ending for a great trip.




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