Jessica's RAM trip to Baja Mexico


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Day Six: La Ribera

In La Ribera we had breakfast at this lovely taco stand a few hundred yards from the ocean. A couple of turkeys were pecking at the dirt just outside.
Finally getting the hang of things! The local volunteers were able to rig up a light for me and only me, the newbie.

Kris Ann is assisted by an MD who was volunteering her time.

This is a great picture of all three of us working.

Kathleen was vacationing in the area and spent two days helping us. She was extremely helpful and was somewhat of a mind-reader. She often knew I needed suture before I did.

My table at La Ribera was too low on its own, and too high with bricks under the legs. So I dug a hole in the sand for my feet. It worked out well, but the hole was hidden under the tarp and I almost killed myself when I forgot the hole was there. So some clever person labeled my hole with tape, and left a sign saying "Hole Private." Hence I and my hole became the butt of many jokes.
When we were done Kris Ann removed the tape and put it on me.
The work was complete! Success!
This kitty was my last surgery in Baja. Kris Ann is pointing kitty's paw at me, saying, "She spayed me!" The kitty only tolerated such treatment because she was still pretty zonked on her meds.
I must have "sucker" written all over my face. One of the local volunteers said that a Mexican found a litter of puppies in a canyon, and brought the strongest one to us. Here she is, a bag of bones and a belly full of worms. By the time the volunteer went back to find the other puppies, they had all died. The puppy was too weak and debilitated to undergo surgery, and the volunteer asked if I could take her with me to the US. I was tipsy from a beer, and I said yes... but more about her later.
The local volunteers put together a feast for us on the last night. Here Robin is chatting with Bob, our host.


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