Days pile up, hours, tasks, blocks that fit or don’t fit and the whole ediface is wonderful, teetering.

my amazing child is doing what kids do at two years old.

It’s a stunning, jaw dropping thing to watch a brain connect & see all the lights go on, one by one, day by day.

The dazzling little soul RZ has always been since her first breath, coming more and more into focus & clarity each day.

RZ’s first 3 word sentence was “daddy messy hair”, then “daddy race bikes”. Vocabulary like legos. Click.

So many things happening.. mostly good things. Job & family.. this blog is still left behind. A blog requires quiet, and moments to write.

It’s 11:23pm right now. I’m so tired… Skating again, the fittest I’ve been since RZ was born. It’s nice to focus on the dumb pain of skating fast in a circle after overusing my sodden brain all day.

But there is no time to press all the legos together properly. Things are pretty, fulfilling, but built in haste. I’m going to race masters sprint worlds this year again. Berlin.. Germany..

Might actally be fast if I can hold the lego tower together.