Caption This #3

Fresh on the heels of my previous “Caption this” post, here is another; Images that just beg for the creativity of you, yes YOU, to add description to-

Picture #1

Picture #2

Picture #3

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  1. #1
    (I can’t say anything, this guy was super nice, and actually, he was patrolling the SLC airport on his segway).

    Having kids makes cleaning out the septic tank so much easier!

    If you can bunny hop the kid, then speed limit is increased to 25mph

  2. 1-why am i smilin’..? the CEO of Segway just drove one of these hummers off a cliff!
    2-future surfer
    3- if you peckerwoods would NOT walk 3-abreast some of us other trail-users just MIGHT be able to get by..!!??

  3. 1. ROBOCOP. almost.
    2. this is not really a caption, that’s just a really cool picture!
    3. yet another reason to respond to drivers who tell cyclists to “get on the sidewalk!” with: “Why? I’m not walking.”

  4. Picture #3

    Yield for families. Everyone else is fair game. Feel free to run them over at your discretion.

  5. 1-. I tried speedskating, it was not going to happen.

    2-. Down memory lane… the birth canal years.

    3-. Webster Dictionary defines Yield as:

    “to surrender or relinquish to the physical control of another : hand over possession of.”

    Therefore if you find a family with a small child you must relinquish your bicycle to them.

  6. #1. Did you know i can chase an aircraft on this thing?
    #2. Daddy, i know where the light is, follow me!
    #3. If you can do 3,5 MPH on your bike with one foot on the ground, you’re more than just an average biker…

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  8. #2 I’ll get those Chilean miners!

  9. 1. Paul Blart 2: Airport Cop
    2. “That’s right honey, come AWAY from the light!”

    The third one reminds me of a sign I found in Seattle that says SPEED LIMIT 2 MPH. It wasn’t on a street but it still had me baffled.

  10. 1 - “Hey, kid, that’s an awfully shiny donut you have there, heh heh heh….”

    2 - “no, sweetie, we can’t get you one of these for your birthday”

    3 - In order to minimize traffic congestion, the Missoula city council passed an ordinance requiring cyclist maintain at least 3.5 miles an hour when encountering giant super-beings drawing and quartering hip-hop midgets.

  11. 1. Wrong!
    2. Tunnel of love
    3. Have children, give up riding!

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