Where’s Andrew??

It’s 6am, and I have already been up for 4 hours. Why? Well I am trying to get myself converted early onto Norwegian time! Tomorrow I leave for 3 weeks of racing in Europe

Now that Olympic Trials are over, and my worldview is only slightly less myopic, here is my racing schedule for the rest of the season.

  • January 7th-8th Hamar, Norway, Masters International Single Distance Races
  • January 14th-15th Davos, Switzerland, Masters International Davos Meeting
  • January 21st-22nd Inzell, Germany, Masters International Sprint Classic
  • January 28th-29th Salt Lake City, North American Long Track Championships
  • February 4th-5th Roseville, Minnesota, National Long Track Championships
  • February 18th-19th Milwaukee, Wisconsin, ADT Long Track America’s Cup Final

  • February 25th-26th Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Masters International Long Track

  • March 11th-12th Salt Lake City, World Record Challenge

  • March 21st-25th Calgary Olympic Oval Finale (maybe, I might be burnt out by then)

If you see a talkative redhead in ugly sunglasses at one of these races, it’s probably me, come on over and say hello!

Why am I going to Europe? Well, it’s very possible that I might never again be as fast as I am during this very narrow window of time, and there are several international/world Masters 35-40 age group records that I have a good chance of breaking, especially the 1000m. Also I have a dear friend in Switzerland, who I am so happy to go visit.

It’s worth mentioning that I could not even BEGIN to think about this much travel without the generous support of my sponsor, POWERCRANKS. Andrew Weber and Frank Day have been terrific. Powercranks are an incredible training device that I use all the time in the summer and fall. Almost ALL of the top cyclists and triathletes use these ego-crushing additions to normal bicycle. They have been my secret hamstring and hip flexor weapons for the last 2 years. Need a pair? Shoot me an email: spdsk88er (at) yahoo (dot) com, and I can get pretty good deals for speedskaters, as it’s a new market Powercranks is interested in. I know a half dozen ice skaters & coaches who use them & love them, inline superstar Kalon Dobbin also has a set. (sorry for the commercial here, but I do believe in these odd cranksets as a device to make cycling much more skate -specific training).

Ugh, The sun is not even up, and it feels like lunchtime. Several well-traveled skaters have given me recommendations on how to prepare optimally for the dramatic time change I am going to experience. So I have them to thank/blame that two hours ago, at 4am I was driving around Salt Lake looking for a good cup of coffee, it was a futile expedition.

Many people dream about winning, some have the will to try and win, but does one really have the will to prepare to win? That is the really hard part. I find it hard, yet vitally important to do the things like making every rep as technically perfect as I can, refueling my body immediately after workouts, not partying to all hours-or even at all!, working obsessively on weaknesses, and today -waking up crazy early so the euro-time change is less of a shock to my body.

Lest I sound holier-than-thou, in some aspects of willpower I utterly fail. Cruising Salt lake at 4am looking for coffee, I saw the Krispy Kreme truck restocking this shelf with new, warm, delectable Krispy Kremes. My willpower completely crumbled, and I ate one. Sigh… Maybe the victory was that I didn’t eat 12!!!

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  1. Hey Andrew!
    You are coming over to Europe! Pehaps we have a chance to meet at Inzell!!! A will be at Lake Weissensee that weekend butperhaps we have a chance to meet!

    Your biggest fan from Austria!!!

  2. sock it to them cloggers and norges just like ya did last year, andrew! reigning 500 m immsu champ!….but i’m sure making new friends and being in Skateworld will be a treat in itself..

  3. Andrew-
    Loved your blog this week! Great job!! You worked through so much and i’m glad you had a PB!!

    Good luck in Europe! I agree with the training sacrifice..most don’t understand.

    I used to be a runner…and my down fall at the end of a weekly long run was 2 Krispies and a cup of coffee…oh, those were the days…mmmmmm…dough—nuts…..

    Safe travels…can’t wait to read about some records! Knock their socks off!

  4. Hey, Andrew! I’ve not had email or anything in a couple of weeks but am home now and all set for you guys! Should I call Jess? I can pick her up in Milan, please tell her! (oh — I’ll just email) I called your cll, but it isn’t working. Did the Davos hotel work out — I found a couple of others if not.

    Am sooooo looking forward to it!

  5. Congrats on your PB Andrew, at the Olympics Trials!!! Really enjoyed reading about your efforts and all the others, I think you have a great thing going here with the blog.
    I can sympathize with your current perforamce plateau in the 500m, however, it seems like you will be in a very good postition to get well past that next season, if not much sooner. RACE FAST AND ENJOY THR TRIP!
    FYI; We have had an excellent period of natural ice back here in the Front Range (around Fort Collins-Loveland) at least 30 days of skateable ice on Boyd Lake, Dixon Res. and others)and its not over yet.I got some new claps and really enjoying it. Jondon is getting an ice /inline club going. I am excited about this season; I know you are, too. Go get ‘em.

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