Groundhog Day & Molten Sugar

When the light comes slanting in the outside windows, it can be very pretty view down the straightaway as you step to the starting line at the Utah Olympic Oval. Unfortunately just before a 500m race, I am far too psycho-focused to really notice.

Ya’know the intense emotions when in a roller-coaster click-click-clacking up & up & up before the first big terrifying drop… Stepping to the start of an important 500m race kind of feels like that…

Have you ever seen the movie “Groundhog Day” where Bill Murray keeps waking up to the same day over and over again? I love that flick, even before I read this fascinating moral deconstruction of it.

It’s been feeling a lot like Groundhog day at training recently; Show up, see the same exhausted faces, & skate that same frozen circle over and over.

However this Thursday I fly to Milwaukee to prepare for Fall World Cup trials, and that will be a welcome change. I have come to love that gently rolling landscape of beer, cheese, Packers fans, & the moody waves of Lake Michigan.

My mom called me and said: “you haven’t blogged! other than being tired, how is the racing going?

Ok, my starts continue to improve, I clocked my 2nd fastest opening 100m ever this Saturday, a 10.25, and that will only get faster as I rest more. However I have somehow lost consistent body position entering the corners, so even though my starts are getting faster, I am still stuck in 37.1-ish time-land. If I can put it all together, I could pop off some scary fast racing in Wisconsin over the next 2 weekends.

However if the upcoming World Cup trials become a disaster of floppy technique & choppy skating; on the afternoon of October 20th, you will be able to find me at the Milwaulkee Krispy Kreme store, crying face down into a boxful of hot ones.

Some might drink, but I have always found that molten sugar mixes best with tears.

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  1. to reference another great movie, “focus, daniel-san!”
    your positive attitude about your start times and outlook on racing in milwaukee are a good sign for things to come. the key will be getting that body position down, like you said. be prepared to adjust to the cozy pettit feel, and you should do fine.
    if that fails, I will look for you at the nearby krispy kreme and have my camara ready. (the donut shop of choice for the pettit racing officials troop is honeydip, though; you could just commandeer the nearest box of those immediately post-race…)

  2. honey-dip dounuts (and I am, ahem, quite familiar with them) would do great for just a normal “bad weekend” race, but screwing up in a BIG race demands drastic measures, like a dozen fresh, hot, dripping, scrumptious krispy kremes..

    the key is to do it ten thousand times right in practice, wax-on, wax-off, paint the fence, etc, so the body knows no other way to do it than the right way..

  3. The type of donuts required post-race will become totally irrelevant when you reunite with the good-karma air mattress, noodles, and alterra, and finally get to see, in person, the giant pumpkin and the tables with umbrellas.

  4. Actually Bro, if the eating is too hard, there’s now a drinkable Krispy Kreme (as Dennis Miller said, perfect if you’re too much of a fatass to even reach your mouth any more!)

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