A word with Crash Mahoney

Other than family and friends, not many people pay attention to those of us who finish in the bottom half of the field at Olympic trials. But the struggles and sacrificess just to qualify are immense, so the trials beceome very meaningful to us.

I met Charlie “crash” Mahoney several years ago in the blizzards of Lake Placid. He is as good of a guy as they come.

Olympic trials are often a terrifying experience. I love how Charlie meets the stress of this head on, with humor and the good nature that is vintage “Crash”. Video was shot during the final race-rep skate the day before trials began.

Of the 85 athletes who are here. Charlie is one of the handful of people like myself, who have a real full-time job. Elite-level speedskating is such a stunningly complex sport, and there are so many “pieces” of an athlete to train, it’s really difficult to do it without throwing yourself “all-in”.

It can be done, as several people here have proven, but it’s really, really, hard.

Good luck Crash!

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  1. that video was awesome. I actually thought that I looked like a superstar while I was talking. You have a gift, Andrew.
    -Charlie “Wolfman-Crash” Mahoney

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