Ice, Courage, and Friendship.

Or, if you said this in Latin-
Glacies, Fortitudo, et Amicitia

That is the spirit of Masters Speedskating.

Illustrating that attitude, here is the USA masters team before the 2nd Masters sprint games, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Click on the picture for a bigger one. Matt Dinerstein will send me a much higher quality one shortly.

below is a list of all the USA athletes, not all of these are in this picture, as some are traveling at this moment.

Boris Leikin M55
Patricia Bohaty F40
Mike Anderson M40
Steven Desotell M55
Donna Eckert W50
Marian Furst W60
Gary Groen M60
Karri Kox W45
Anthony Christie M45
Andrew Love M35
Nat White M30
Martin Haire M45
Myron Yencha M45
Olusegun Sijuwade M50
Mark Nolan M55
Karen Verrone F50
Michael Hall M30
Tim Harris M55
Suzy Osum F45
Greg Oly M50
Chuck Osum M45
Bruce Conner M50
Marian Furst F50
Mark Nolan M55
Bill Armstrong M40
Jan Zurcher F55
Bruce Anderson M45
Jim White M65
Dan Greene M45
Chuck Hansell M60
Scott Nelson M50
Diane Crossfield F55
John Diemont M60
Verne Kappes M75
Dan Grant M45
Theron Sands M45
Tom Cole M45
Stephen Gunther M65
David Sutton M55
Roger Pozenik M45
Mark Yanagihara M35
Kathie Zapotocki F50
Carla Langenthal F35
Ken Huss M55
Glenn Corso M45
Matt Dinerstein M50

Here is a detail image of our t-shirt design-

wish us all luck tomorrow!

11 Responses to “Ice, Courage, and Friendship.”

  1. What a fine looking group of skaters!!! Wish I was there!

    Good Luck, and I know you will all have FUN!

  2. I came by this morning to watch. Lots of fun to see.

  3. so what happened today.

  4. We miss you Brian. Good racing today.

  5. Do you have results from 1st day of Masters Sprint Game ? ?

  6. The races just finished, I am frantically prepaing for the Banquet..

    it was AWESOME to see such international friendship mixed with amazing efforts. Great performances…

    I will try and repost results, and the 3 masters international records (world records) that were broken, tomorrow…

    right now… must RUN!!

  7. Congratulations Andrew.
    Glacies, Fortutdo, et Amicitia
    What a great motto

    Cheers and Enjoy !!!

  8. Hey Bruce, bummed i couldn’t be there but I have been sick for the whole weekend so i guess things happen for a reason….huh. Great superbowl last night. heard u rocked it.

  9. Two great posts Andrew.

    The entire Australian Masters Team (read ‘me’) are really looking forward to soaking up the same spirit in Baselga in a couple of weeks.

  10. […] Andrew Love- Ice, Courage, and Friendship. […]

  11. That is a great picture of all of us…nice!!

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