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A live picture from a freezing room at the Holton in Richmond, VA, full of people incredibly passionate about a frozen sport-

John Dimon was always fond of saying:

“The way people act, speedskating is not life or death, it’s FAR more important.”

You see that a lot at this meeting. All level of the organization engage fully. The folks who really run the nuts and bolts of every level of Speedskating, so many are here.

And it’s all about the athletes yaknow. From Juniors to Seniors, Olympians, Masters, First timers. How can we improve that experience stepping onto the ice. From a first time kid to an Olympic games moment. The organization has an impact.

I’m rooming with Travis Jayner, and here is his Olympic bronze medal, in his hands.

It’s a wild item. The design of each one is completely unique, like the journey of each athlete who has earned one. It’s really, really heavy.

Travis said that at one of Jordan Malone’s webcast events- some fans were asking him “show us your medal”, and when Jordan pulled out his own relay medal. Travis just got chills looking at it, even though he also has one.

I’ve written before from board meetings; an incredibly hard event to capture in words. It’s my 4th, but my first one as a board member.

When I picked this up at the registration table-

it gave me chills too. Not because it’s an award. But because it’s an ethical responsibility. A seal of trust. A pragmatic responsibility.

At what moment does an outsider become an insider? Maybe that dialectic is the wrong one; there are multiple sides, a dodecahedron to each moment.

Many surfaces to stand, I’m watching, finding my footing one this new surface- stay tuned.

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  1. Enjoy the ride. I hope being on the board doesn’t ‘muzzle’ you too much in your blog. I would assume that being more politico might prevail. Nevertheless, will look forward to your insight. Speedskating has found a gem!

  2. Just make sure the politics doesn’t drive you away from what you love…

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  4. you earned your stripes; i was there, remember

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