Yaknow this song. Pick up your instrument!

Startin easy, noodling the notes & getting in tune with heart & breathing… Finding well practiced frets in your muscles & joints.

Carbon fiber shiny aluminum glinting across tuned strings of men-

beginning to thrumm out through stanzas of road, measures of climbs, bass clef of earth, treble clef of sun.

Packa hungry cyclists finding its inner band, it’s cohesion, swing band, jazz band, Rock! Symphony of this right now.

Big gears turning windsound earfuls of noise.

Best instrument? The human heart drum drum drum endless big mallet Taiko grim faced drummer your life in that thunking speaking hollow bell ker-pow-pow-boom!

Music hiss tires and the speed builds, shadows & legs moving sync piano run of the peloton, fingers on gearshift levers / flute keys french horn Allez! Allez! Allez!.

Tires in the pack clustered arpeggios of movement. Echelons of notes, drive that gear & don’t drop the tempo!

Sheet music of asphalt, relentless rippled grey pages.

Graceful arcs of carbon, double-note outlines of muscle, chain and cable in tune, geartooth songtooth muscledrum.

Roar of blood barely contained by arteries saxophone wide open.

All lined out in hardsong, world dissolves to that one tire waving in tunnel vision of crescendo,

15 cog, 14, clack, 13! Whirr, 12 wirrr— 11??? what are you made of? Can you really play?

The one trumpet, vibrato velocity, as the music moves & you move, chasing & leading.

Willpower– there is the microphone and so pull through. So sing! Sing! ya bike rider with every note in your body! sing! roadsong is the bestsong,

Sing! that one long uptempo vowel of cyclesong…

Thanks Glen-Josh-Samuel-Brett-Brent-Rick for playing in the band/ride today. It was awesome.

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  1. brings back mem’s of riding with the ‘Club’. Truly a ‘Symphony of Sensoria’ in every which way, which only hard-core Roadies riding with their ‘own’ can know; you got it right.

  2. Thanks greg…

    I really had the conceptual idea for this little bit of wordplay during a ride, we AVERAGED in the mid-24’s for over an hour.

    I had raced the night before, and this ride was far, far, harder. Everyone was really “on” and just riding super smooth & powerful.

    Such an overwhelming sensory experience, music was he only descriptor that matched.

    My instrument? 2011 tarmac SL3, SRAM red. (and years of training, of course, the bike does not ride itself)

  3. You know. I see the picture with all those bikes on the grass and at the very top of the page there is a picture of some skates, a clap is open on the right leg, the left is riding that outside edge, and they are made of steel and carbon and I thought; that is the conductor! This symphony would be meaningless in the “Zen and Art of SPEEDSKATING” if it wasn’t for the conductor of this Carbon and Steel Philharmonic.

  4. Eric,
    that pic you took of your red water bottle &’arears’ was kind of amazing..totally linear & focused, the rider off the back and the mountains! wow! is all i can say. (and my daughter is an Emmy-award-winning Cinematographer, I ‘proof” good pics)..i know good shots when i see ‘Em! F”ing Awesome!

  5. in keeping with the musical symphony theme, does one tune a spoke as you would guitar strings?
    I luv that water bottle pic, too.

  6. Kim,
    beautiful ‘point!’ (twang) i see a ‘Andrew-bicycliste’ “Emmy-Award-winning short feature” in the making! go for it!

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