Here is 1500m & 10k world record holder, and olympic medal favoritie Chad Hedrick, relaxing in one of his favorite ways. He is quite the pool shark. I taped this for his site, but it’s funny enough that I am posting it here as well.

I have gotten to know Chad since I started to work for him in September. I have really not posted my thoughts on this unique fellow here at all, since I do respect his privacy. When we spend time together, he is just being himself and we are working on his website. He is not in “on the record” interview mode, and I am aware of that.

Lets just say that he is one of the most complete and intense competitors I have EVER met. The guy has unreal willpower, and over a lifetime of unreal willpower training this has taken his tremendous natural talent into the world-record stratosphere. He is similar to Lance Armstrong in that respect, and that is an apt comparison to make. Watch his face during his Olympic races, he truly suffers, but somehow keeps pouring amazing power into the ice through intense pain.

We are as different as apples & walnuts, or even more specifically, as different as Spring, Texas and Ithaca, NY, and we have led radically different lives, but do I respect him for what he has done and has the capacity to do in the upcoming Olympic games.

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  1. Is that the pedalless bike in the background there? BTW, nice shot!!!

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