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Jessica wanted to put together a website of her own, for family in Italy and the US, detailing her own journeys in Europe.

So I threw together a quick and simple template, and then she populated it with her words and pictures. The first page is pictures of her family, but the following pages on Italy, Lugano, and Davos, have some nice travel & alpine photos, including Jessica dipping a snickers bar into nutella while lounging at the top of a mountain!

This is her second website, she made another one in 2004, about a trip she took to Mexico to spay/neuter dogs. These sites have nothing to do with speedskating, zen, or me at all, although I do appear in a few pictures.

5 Responses to “Jessica’s Website”

  1. You and Jessica did a fabulous job!! Such fun!! Ain’t travelling wonderful???!!!!***

  2. I loooove Jessica’s pictures! Both of you, thank you for sharing so much from this trip.

  3. oooooooooooh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dios mio!! those pictures put a whole new meaning and sense of urgency into the statement “make a run for the border!” i hope i’m fast enough and in good enough shape to outrun the knife if i ever have to! andrew, i would break ALL of your sprint records if i ever saw your lovely wife come after me with some clothesline, blue draping, and colored buckets! AND YOU amigo - i would never ever go to sleep again if i ever made her mad or forgot a birthday or anniversary or valentine’s day if i were you!!! yi yi yi!

  4. The previous very odd comment by Mr. Taco Bell Chihuahua is referring to the many pictures of bloody animal surgeries/spay/neuters on my wife’s Mexico website..

    I always wonder if I should allow the posting of anonymous comments like this on my site, as some people do abuse internet anonymity…

    But this one was too funny to not post, it was not malicious, and it’s not like I have NEVER joked with Jessica about her surgical skills… she often says, male anatomy is quite simple, a snip here and ripping out a ligament there.. and voila`!!

    (ouch!!! I always cringe when I hear her say that… and yes, I am nice to her for many reasons…)

  5. thanks for sharing your family pics, andrew. glad you had a successful and enjoyable euro-tour.

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