Zen 10 Questions: Kip Carpenter

I have gotten to know quite a few of the world class speedskaters who train at the Utah Olympic oval, but probably none as well as I have gotten to know Kip Carpenter. This is because we share intense interests outside of skating, Kip is a very talented digital graphic artist & flash developer, and his interests dovetail with my professional web design experience.

Kip is an interesting fellow, and if some of my questions have more of a psychological tint to them than some of my other Zen 10 interviews, it is because of our friendship. I greatly enjoy his company, and I feel like I will still know Kip for years after we have both recovered from our membership in the skating cult (that is, if we ever recover!).

First of all, Kip, thanks for appearing on my blog! I emailed these questions to Kip, and he has called in his answers from Holland, a few days after the Olympics finished, where he was racing in the World Cup Final.

Technical note, several folks said this interview made it hard to load the blog (the audio files were quite large) So I built a separate web page just for this interview

if you want to listen to Kip’s voice, check it out at the above link.

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  1. OMG, this was an awesome 10 questions! great questions and kip is just outstanding. I’m so impressed with his personal message to you, I’d have to agree with him on your passion and dedication, how amazing for him to state the fact and express his feelings for you as a person and friend.

  2. i would probably buy it if it was arond $15.
    although i’ve had eric kraans’ sharpening class, which was thorough and professional, i’d never assume one couldn’t learn more, especially about bending and rockering.

  3. Keep in mind that some of us don’t have the time or an easy option for listening to audio - you may not lose much of your audience this way, certainly not among the dedicated skaters, but i,for instance, am gonna let this one go by. Nothing personal, guys, just a media - maybe an accessibility! - issue.

  4. Lexa does have a point, and I am aware some might be viewing this at work (hey, I did that too on rare occasions, it’s ok..)

    in the future, should I keep the Zen 10’s just text? or do people like listening to the voice (& occasional video)?

  5. hey, you got my email address to autoload! slick!
    how anyone could kvetch about a nifty website feature like audio is beyond me, andrew…a lot of ’so-called’ professional organization websites don’t even come close to what you do here, and at chad hedricks’ site as you well know.
    which, by the way, don’t you advertise[hedricks’] on this site?

  6. Great audio commentary. Would be great to highlight many others’ stories from the US and abroad.

    Get the book published. I will buy 5 myself.

  7. I’d say yes to the audio. It was wonderful to hear Kip talking, and it seems more personal that way. It’s definitely worth a little extra time for the nice technology and the thoughtful answers. (It sounded like a radio program…which made me think, in addition to a book, you could make cds of the Zen 10 interviews and sell them, too.)

    About the book, I agree that people would buy it. Anyone from experienced skaters and heads of clubs to new skaters who want more information even when they’re not going to bend and rocker their own. After that, John and I should publish our “How to Overtrain” guide.

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