Snakes & Inline

If you have ever had a snake as a pet, you have likely seen in the last few days before it sheds its skin, it’s eyes become milky and cloudy. It’s the last step before it shrugs off its old dirty scales, and struggles outward into new growth.

Maybe that is what I have been feeling for the last month, last year was SO intense, so purposeful, so clear in its focus towards Olympic trials & racing in Europe afterwards. Maybe I don’t want to leave that skin, but it’s old, and clouding my senses with a depressive anesthesia.

Enough mopery! my brother sings of the joy of the texas breakfast taco, and if I lived nearer, we could eat them together and he would pick on me and I would smile & feel better.

Snakes, before they shed their skin, will rub their noses against something, to make the break in the armor that they will wriggle through. In that light, I did something different last night, I went along with the Salt Lake City Friday night skate.

It was a blast, 7 other good souls, on a wide variety of skates, bopping though the traffic of downtown Salt Lake. The sun dipped behind the hills, and the air became that perfect warmth, that urban summer evening energy of a lively town just awakening to Friday night.

There was no destination set, no training mission, nothing other than the joy of skating. That is the root of how I got into this sport, goofing around on my inlines, and I needed to remind myself of it. We whizzed through the streets of Salt Lake with agile abandon, and finally ended up at a bakery for cookies!

There is such essential joy in this simple sensation of flight, in all the senses being awake & your life as clear as the cars 3 feet from your left shoulder (& the pretty girls in the sports car telling us we were cute was a bonus!).

Complications fall away when you touch base with that one thing you were truly meant to do. For me in this life it seems to be skating, and in the humid dark, gliding back to the car, I was smiling again.

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  1. well, it seems like an just response to pick on you right here. The pretty girls didn’t think you were cute. They felt sorry for you because you looked like huge nerds. I mean, you’re on roller skates!!! :)

  2. In my years of interaction with the sometimes obscure & hieroglyphic communication methods of the female of our species, I would have to say that this was a sincere compliment…

    They were also in a fast car, and could easily escape if any of us turned out to be scary & weird, so they could be honest…

    Roller skates might be retro-nerdy, but SPEEDSKATES (if you know how to use them) are really cool…

  3. Andrew,

    Next time I’m in Utah, I’ll make you some homemade Texas Breakfast tacos.

  4. It was great to have you along with us kids you have to be a kid to have that much fun skating. I am sure those girls were talking to you.

  5. On looking nerdy or not… well, it’s hard not to look silly with a big thing on your head and big things on your feet. It’s just a little better than bike clothes and maybe not quite as stylish as the skinsuit with penguins. As long as you don’t skate wearing a cycling bib with no shirt, “the female of our species” won’t have a problem with it :)

  6. Yes, if it’s one thing Andrew is known for, it’s his understanding of the female. Right Jess?

  7. Um, were you in a skinsuit? Noting more nerdy than city-street-blading in a skinsuit, especially the one with the green shorts!

  8. for the record, I was not wearing anything more exciting than normal shorts and a lightweight marroon t-shirt… it was a very relaxed skating event, not a race…

    (I even had a buttpack on, effectively hiding my huge ass)

    The green Colorado State University skinsuit of which you speak Susan, has not been let out of the closet in at least 6 years…. the zipper is busted, and yes, it is.. uhhhhmmmm.. dramatic..

    : )

  9. the “green machine”? ….will this skin suit debut at Draper Days 5K inline race?

    btw: nothin’ wrong with being nerdy, geeky, racey or…oh, dratz…that song keeps drummin’thru my head…. “Im too sexy for my skates, too sexy…” well you get the idea. Kahiki’s n’ fast sexy speed skates, no racey desires or need for speed, Friday Nights are just rolling for the fun of it!

    Go ahead, call us retro… last summer a carload of “dudes” (as defined by SLC standards) drives by pointing out to us that “1994 is thataway!” yep, we are offically a retro-sport. gee, remember when 1994 was kocking at our door?? think time moves faster on wheels?

    roll on!

  10. “the joy of skating”
    That’s it in a nut shell isn’t it…
    The first time I go outdoors after the indoor season, and roll down the straightaway at “T” town…
    Flying! It’s like flying!
    I breath deep, relax, and my heart opens up to hear my soul singing…. I am refreshed in a moment and remember that this is why I keep going to practice.
    It’s for this song that’s playing on my body called “Joy”!

  11. David, I don’t know how to respond… Andrew has a decent pulse on human nature, but women, especially when suspected of hitting on him can elicit strange responses. Disbelief, confusion, idiocy. I enjoy watching it when it happens. There’s no greater complement than a chick hitting on your man. :P

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