On the road again

Hazy, but clear blue skies over the Salt Lake airport, another beautiful day in the west with a salubrious hint of fall in the air. If you look closely in this photo you can see the buildings of downtown Salt Lake in the distance.

Luckily the plane I was flying to Milwaukee in was bigger than this puddle jumper.

In Denver on my layover, the same gentle western mountain air and blue skies. The Denver airport would win the “P.T Barnum on Acid” award if there was one. It’s wonderful inside, but from the outside it looks like a circus tent that has added several unnecessary time-space dimensions to its existence.

Arriving in Milwaukee & straight to the rink, 35 degrees, biting cold, clouds cold as stone, snowflakes horizontally skittering along in gusty wind. WELCOME TO THE MIDWEST! There is something about low altitude damp cold that just claws its way through your jacket.

Inside the Pettit center was bustling with activity, and warm with the smiles of many good folks I know. Here are some of the young and the fast, in their US Junior National team blue & red. Mathew Shanahan and Connor Slivocka saw me wandering around with my digital camera. They said “hey! Your blog rocks! Can we be on it!”.

Sure, here ya go guys. That is Matthew Hickson sitting on the pads, grinning at their goofing.

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  1. The guys are right your Blog does ROCK. Good luck out there.

  2. Did you realize there’s a reflection of yourself in the first picture. Man! What a look of contentment! It is good to see what you look like these days, as it’s been since the last competition of the season back in March. Has it been that long since I skated on the Oval? Yes!

    I can’t complain. Although I haven’t had much chance for LT lately, I do get my share of ST just outside of Vancouver, BC. Having a daily dose of speedskating does for the soul that which cannot be quantified. If anything, my starts are now extremely quick and fast, and thanks to Rex, I am the envy of some pretty fast teens up in this area.

    On a side note, I attribute my recent jump in performance to the use of a CPAP device. I might entertain the idea of a discussion about it. All I will say at this point, is that during most of my workouts and races, I would usually “bonk” half-way through, then gradually come back to life near the end. Now I don’t experience any drop in energy. The most profound difference is that I used to feel like I could easily fall asleep at any given time of the day, but now I can be up for 16 hours without a yawn.

    Where caffeine once kept me steady (1/2 gallon Chai tea per day), I haven’t used any for three weeks. Take that Starbucks!

  3. ah, that familiar view of wind blasting outside the pettit’s front door! now inside the rink is actually nicer than the weather outside! the picture of Salt Lake is kind of inviting though. I miss the mountains…

  4. Salt Lake has an oval, an airport, and a downtown???? Viva La Milwaukee and the Pettit where every day is a salubrious day. I assume you’re here for the WC qualifier next week? Good Luck!!

    Mike P.

  5. It is 90 here in the Sunshine State with all of the skinks
    There is two ft of Snow in Buffalo

  6. me and matt do look mighty good in the last picture

  7. Thanks Andrew for putting that picture up!

    Nice skating this weekend and hopefully more this week.

  8. wow connor remember when u taught me how to skate at the petit good times

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