A Universal Quote

This quote is on the stairwell leading up to the ice at the Pettit Center in Milwaukee..

I am trying to remind myself of this over and over before tomorrows races. I think it’s interesting that one can replace the last two words of this quote with other words, like “office”, “family”, “fishing pond” etc, etc, and it still holds truth.

Just as I was leaving the Pettit yesterday, and ruminating about this, I thought I saw Bonnie stepping onto the ice. I have only met her once, but it looked a lot like her.

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  1. salubrious! ruminating! for all you youngsters out there you not only get lots of good skating insight on this blog, you also get some great SAT word practice! i love it! thanks andy, the stanley kaplan of the rink!

  2. Thanks for the updates from Milwaukee! Sometimes I wish I could be there with you guys… but now that I’m bringing myself to the lab every day instead of to the starting line of a speedskating race, I’m finding that a lot more FACTORS in my life are actually WITHIN MY CONTROL.

    Is anybody surprised that there are only 5 pairs of women registered for the 500 meters at the Fall World Cup Qualifier? I’m not.

    Hey, Andrew, best of luck tomorrow! Forget about the donuts. Do it for the Stroopwafels!!!

  3. Rock like never before.

  4. A little birdie told you me you went 37.2 today for another Milwaukee PB! WAY TO GO!!!

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