Racing Pics

This weekend I skated possibly my most “perfect” race ever, a HUGE Milwaukee Personal best; 37.42 for the 500m. I am happy happy happy, everything felt incredibly solid.

Here I am at top speed, 75 meters to go. Knee bend is good, body is centered well, but my leg did not completely extended at the end of the stroke. There always is more power to be found, even in what feels “perfect” at the moment (my first few steps off the start was ugly too). If I can just do this again next week!!!!

2 of my best friends in this sport lined up for a 5,000m race. Olu jumped out to a big lead in the first few laps of this 12.5 lap race, and then barely held off the “last lap Langenthal” tractor beam, as she came roaring back in the last 800 meters.

Again, this photo illustrates the essential truth that there is no ideal body type for skating. Look for Olu to fly at world masters championships in Calgary later this year.

Only 6 weeks ago at inline world championships in Korea, Jessica Smith won 2 gold medals in the relay, and an individual bronze, now she is here is on the ice, 600m into a 1000m. She has an astonishing amount of starting line power & speed.

Tani Mintz, came within a second of the fast time needed to qualify for US fall world cup trials in the 3k, like Olu, she was also skating fast in front of the “last lap Langenthal” tractor beam.

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  2. Well done Andrew you have every right to be happy.Will you be trying for the national team?


  3. You would have won the 500m Time Trials when I was there with that time.

  4. Of course I will skate for the National team. I am the National team. With a scary coaches discretion I will be on my way to the fall world cups for sure! Someone has to be at the bottom of the B group now that they won’t allow third world participants. Anyways, I will still probably have time to write to all my little people…

  5. There are SEVERAL Andrews making comments here, Andrew #1 is Andrew Hegarty, a Canadian inliner, this second “Andru Luv” is simply someone who has such a sad, miserable, pathetic existence that they have nothing better to do than to write hateful things…

    I debated deleting this nasty comment, but what do you do with pathetic, vicious examples of humanity?? just feel bad for them, for what they see when they look in the mirror…

    He does bring up the good point though, that after the last Olympic cycle, there have been so many retirements among the top American skaters, that some of the world cup team spots will be filled by coaches decisions..

    I can’t worry about that, I just need to skate my own races, and be at peace with trying my best… (and it IS easier to be at peace when skating well vs yourself)…

  6. Andrew,
    Keep up the good work and continued improvement of your technique! You are gettin’ really fast man!!!!!

  7. Way to go Andrew!! All that training is showing on the ice…and the season is JUST STARTING!

    I thought i heard some howling….a great quote from “Miracle on Ice”, when Herb is training the players hard…”The legs feed the wolf”. LOVE that quote!

  8. Ah, the perils of celebrity. i suppose it’s some kind of milestone that you’re reached a level where you begin to get hatemail. Your reply, like your post on volunteers, shows genuine wisdom and goodness, which I believe goes so deep that they’ll never poison it out of you.

    It’s good to be back, to catch up, to have you blogging again. tell Eva that I owe her a good long reply -

    Much speed, amigo!

  9. Very nice, Andrew. It’s great to see you happy about a race. I know how much you beat yourself up, which by the way, isn’t healthy. Now you must relax, and do it again… because you have proven that you can!!!!

    Best wishes. You deserve all the best out there for the positive mark you’ve made on speedskating!!!

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