Scary Feet

Happy Halloween! On this day of overwhelmingly safe & sanitized spookyness, I find these pictures Bruce Kohen emailed me to be genuinely unsettling.

These are perfect replicas of my feet in the SS Boots workshop. He is about to start building a custom carbon fiber speedskating boot around these casts.

It’s unsettling to see a perfect replica of one of your body parts in someone else’s oven. I have lived with these feet my whole life, from my hammer-toes to my huge arch, and these casts are.…. absolutely… perfectly…. me….

Strangely enough, according to custom boot makers, one of the hardest parts of construction & why experience matters so much, is they have to “file” down a good percentage of these casts & remove lots of the “fleshy” part of the foot, as the boot really supports your bones, & not the flesh…

I REALLY don’t want to see pictures of that!!

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  1. Eeeeewwwwwwwww!!! ;)

    Perfect pics for Halloween!!! haha!

  2. How do they know what to trim away? Do they also x-ray your foot?

    It would be way cool if they could CAT-scan your foot, then build up a 3D computer model of the bones. Hm, display the muscles as translucent, and animate the whole thing…

    OK, I suppose you wouldn’t need that to make boots, but it would still be rad.

    Do we know our bodies well enough that our own bones would seem more familiar than someone else’s?

  3. I was recently shown a life-long body part in the form of an extracted tooth. I regret to say that there will be no customization of the tooth nor will it be returned to me as a beautiful, custom-fit, boot. However, on the bright side, I have found a way to reduce my non-functionary skating body weight as well as a way to guage my speed by the whistling sound my mouth now makes when I poke my head up from the skater pace-line and smile.

  4. Yeah seeing them cut your own feet up (even if they’re fake) would be gruesome.

  5. A true representation of Andrew’s feet is incomplete without the pungent odor….

  6. Gosh, my own wife kids me about smelly feet in a public forum… what is the world coming to?!?!

    Actually I expected this, but rather from my brother, who never misses an opportunity to pick on me and keep me humble…

    sigh, the joys of family…

    Mike, I LOVE the goofy thought of your “mouth whistle speedometer” that could be a good training gauge for your group, as the season goes on, and everyone gets stronger, the tone keeps climbing higher & higher… and one could cross index certain whistle-tones with certain speeds, how useful would that be!

  7. My website has all the Aussie Pink Floyd photos I took, now published.

  8. Maybe one of the benefits of the salmon was that I didn’t notice even one tiny bit of a smell of feet. I wonder if everybody who makes boots knows which skater has the worst-smelling feet….

  9. Hi Andrew,
    I found you, the little boy from Uptown Village. If this is the correct you, brother of David, and friend of Nina, then please respond to the e-mail.
    Best egards to your family

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