Bruce calls his homemade autoclave “the time machine”, and here it is, cooking my boots on Friday evening. And to the right are the boots, hot from the oven, wearing their final color & with guidelines showing where the top eyelet will be, as well as placing for the tongue cutout.

And here is the final product as of 11:41pm Saturday evening!!! Yay!!

I did not give Bruce too many specific instructions as to what they should look like, I just said “be guided by the mantra ‘What Would Darth Vader Do?” or WWDVD?

So they turned out beautifully shiny, very black, and each boot is sub-300 grams (in layman’s terms, “freakishly light”).

I guess Darth Vader wore white tiger striped undergarments beneath all that black! Who knew Sith Lords were so kinky.

; )

3 Responses to “WWDVD??”

  1. You’ve earned those stripes, man!

  2. Sweet! I’ve seen Bruce use those funky patterns in most of his creations.. maybe it’s a retro thing.

  3. I think Bruce was into Disco when he was younger and the inside liner is made up of some of his old shirts he used to wear when he went out dancing.

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