Eyes & Victory

The eyes and skates of junior world team member, Mia Manganello.

I only noticed a few days ago that she has “victory” written the side of her skates. She has been racing inline and ice almost her whole life, and understands the many flavors of “victory” that this sport can deliver… She is one friggin strong athlete…. physically and mentally….

I had the idea for this image because of this picture I shot last year.

am… exhausted…. more… sooon… thanks.. to… everyone…. who.. . has… contributed… to… the… tip…. Jar…. zzzzzzzzzz!

4 Responses to “Eyes & Victory”

  1. One cannot forget those eyes…(re: http://www.andrewlove.org/blog/blogpics/veritas.jpg )

  2. I agree, Tim, I think Eva gave us her ’stalking predator’ look for that one. Something she excels at!

  3. Well, all I can say is that I hope things will be better for the next generation of American female speedskaters. Skaters like Mia certainly deserve better than the crap I had to put up with.

    I hope that the young, upcoming American skaters will someday have a federation they can represent with pride, and not feel like they are making a tremendous personal sacrifice in order to have their best results used by a bunch of scoundrels to perpetuate a great lie. I hope they will be motivated by something other than what motivated me in my training and racing, which was to take all of my best races and shove them up USSPEEDSKATING’s ass! My subversive speedskating career was kind of fun in its own way, but at the same time, I had always hoped for a different experience.

  4. […] cessible flash video. If you want to see a much nicer high quality Quicktime version, Click here. http://andrewlove.org/blog/?p=347 The skaters pictured in this video are Danny Frederick (fastest man in the world with 3+ kids) Paul Dyrud Matt Pl […]

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