You know you are in Milwaukee when:

The Whole Foods supermarket announces over their loudspeaker that the Packers game has just started, the Pack is ALREADY losing 3 to 0, and that you can go over to their lounge where the games is on, have some organic bratwurst and beer, and watch.

I am working at the free wi-fi in the whole foods market coffee shop, and am pretty much dying with laughter as I write this. There are SO many interesting contradictions in this!

I wonder if they will give score updates on the store loudspeaker as the game goes along… hmmmm.

Maybe I will just have to go buy some Green Bay Packers Gorp, and check out the modern & unique convergence of “health food shoppers/harcore Packers Fans.”

Or as my brother explained when I told him this story: “this proves there are organic cheeseheads”.

Update: the lounge is full of fans & shoppers, & employees on breaks.. the Pack is now leading 10-3, and organic bratwurst is quite good.

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  1. They were playing the Lions. Did you really think they’d lose?

  2. oddly enough, I did not watch much of the second half, the guy I was sitting next to ended up being a former speedskater, who used to skate & race during the early 80’s, and we knew all sorts of folks in common… and chatted for most of the second half once the Packers were far ahead..

    This fellow still has his old viking sprint special hardtails in his closet.. and has always wanted to come back to skating…

    once a member of the skate tribe, you never really leave, kind of like the song “hotel california”…

  3. I dunno, organic bratwurst sounds about right. What would you put in sausages if you *couldn’t* use organs?

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