Hard day at the office

Catherine Raney, taking off her skates after an absolutely brutal on-ice training session. She is a tad under the weather too, so this was a day needing extra-willpower to get through. This willpower is one of many reasons she is America’s strongest female distance skater, and has a real shot at a medal in 2010.

On most days, folks in “office jobs & cube-farms” would gladly trade places with world-class skaters like Catherine. But I don’t think this would have been one of them….

Click on the image for a large, desktop happy one.

Right now I am writing up a Zen-10 questions for Catherine. She is smart & funny, so I am really looking forward to how this one turns out.

It will include such oddness as to why the folks at the USOC gave her the good-natured nickname “tollhouse”.

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  1. See, this is another one of the things people like about your blog. You know Catherine is a nice, smart, funny person, and you know how this particular workout felt. Instead of name-dropping, you’re making a point to everyone that even on a tough day, here is what she does.

  2. Uggh…That has to be so hard to perform physical work during illness. For once, I’m thankful to be a desk pilot. We can just hit the “forward to voicemail” button.

    I did not notice the box of Kleenex until I expanded the photo. That really tells the story. What a great picture. Worth 2000 words, easy.

  3. Hi Andrew,

    In your previous post you asked what we’d like to see on your blog. Since you’re going to be interviewing Catherine, there are a few things I might like to know. I’d like to know how she, as the top American female speedskater, feels that female speedskaters have been treated by this federation. I would like to know how it felt, in Torino, to skate the team pursuit consolation round with two other women who were also strong and deserved to be out there, and to go out there and beat the Dutch team head-to-head. I would like to know how it felt, earlier last season, to NOT be invited to the initial team pursuit training session, and how she feels about the planning (or lack thereof) and other issues that cost the American women a medal in the team pursuit that they otherwise could have won. I would also like to know what she thinks of some of the younger women who have come on strong in recent years, and whether they could have the potential to join her in Vancouver, if some effort were made to reach out to them and make it worth their while to come out and train again. I’d like to know how it feels to come down here to Salt Lake City and have no women to train with. I’d like to see what she thinks of the current state of the U.S. women’s speedskating team, and how it got to be this way.

  4. Wrong on one thing. There’s NO workout so brutal that it doesn’t beat the HELL out of a day at a real job….

    …even a cool real job. Period.

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