For my Father, who loves Trains

This following video has nothing to do with speedskating.

I associate my amazing Father with many things, trains are one of them.

We keep talking about taking one of those cross country trips together where you sit in the bubble-top Amtrak viewing car & talk about life as the country slowly rolls by

While in Holland, Jess & I took a train trip from Amsterdam to the Ocean (to Zandvoort aad Zee) on a blustery, spitting rain, sad-mopey weather day.

Sitting in the train as the drenched countryside scrolled by, I felt overwhelmed with missing him. A side effect of my choice to pursue speedskating is that I live 2,321 miles away from my parents, and don’t see them very often. It hurts.

This video is a small effort to show him how I feel; Dad, you are the best, let’s do that Amtrak trip sometime soon. Ok?

Click here for the quicktime, the YouTube is below.

Music is Pink Floyd’s song “Wish you were here”, but covered in amazing style by the
“chamber-rock” trio Rasputina.

4 Responses to “For my Father, who loves Trains”

  1. a train is a train is not a train

    what a mix of images and music - smooth and moving

  2. Andrew,

    You are one class act sir :)

  3. Andrew,

    I’ve been enjoying your blog for well over a year now, and I absolutely love all of it. This post was so moving, though, that I finally had to comment. What a beautiful video. I’m sure your Dad is very touched. Thanks for all you do.

    I’m gonna call my Dad tomorrow.


  4. Awesome video, and great music selection.
    Rasputina is awesome. I saw them play at the ottobar in baltimore on halloween like 2 years ago, and the show rocked.
    The video itself reminded me of a music video that Michel Gondry did for the Chemical Brothers called “Star Guitar.” The whole song is on a train watching stuff go by in time with the music. It’s pretty sweet.
    there is a link to the youtube.
    -the crash

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