Fall in Vermont

The leaves are gone, the air is crisp, but the grass is still green in low-angle late October sun. Winter has not sent a proper Vermont “hello!!” yet.

The west has its own mountainous charms, but it’s not New England in late fall.

I miss it.

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  1. we visited chicago this past weekend. man, i hadn’t realized just how much i truly miss real autumn. and your post reminded me of those glorious fall days in the happy valley.

    also, thanks for the blog — it’s good to have entertainment and inspiration while I’m recuperating from shoulder surgery. Not allowed to do anything for exercise other than walk; stationary bike allowed in a few weeks. Phoooey.

  2. Andrew, it’s lovely here in Saratoga, we still have areas with brilliant color and we are just waiting for the hills to be dusted with snow. :)

  3. hilary-there is life after shoulder surgery! If you do your PT religiously you will be better than new. I had shoulder surgery three years ago and have full mobility back. I can bend my arm behind my back and reach almost to my shoulder–something that seemed impossible during the first few weeks after surgery. Andrew’s mom

  4. fall is very strange here in Hawaii - a tiny, delightful edge of coolness, slightly shorter days, otherwise no change. And you choose your halloween costune so you don’t overheat, not to avoid hypothermia.

    I’m not complaining, y’understand. :)

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