A simple story

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  1. And they both lived! At our house, the dog is getting senile, so every day can be a new adventure of, “Hey! A new cat!” even though they’ve lived together for 13 years.

    We need a baby update :)

  2. The eternal struggle for power. The dog, having gotten what the cat had, decides that perhaps it wasn’t all that exciting. The cat, lurking in the upper right frame, waits until the coast is clear, and resumes the choice napping spot. Harmony is restored.

  3. Lilly knows everybody deserves a place in the sun even if that moment may be fleeting. The cat knows the sun is where I belong. Which side are YOU on?

    Thanks for the rare wordless photo montage wordsmith!

    Yes, baby update!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. what a rude awakening…now where was I?

    When I was sleeping I dreamt that I fought off the biggest monster dog, and won. Did you ever have one of those dreams that was so real? …

  5. If you look at the third picture, you can see that the cat was asking for it. She’s a pest.

  6. 1. a cat will always be king of ‘the sun-spot’
    2. cat gloats to dog: “hey, this is nice” and “it is mine”, as the dog sticks her nose in to see what the hoopla is about.
    3. Cat: “that’s right, move along canine!” she jesters with an engaging swat.
    4. HA! Dog: “dont’ hold your breath feline”.
    5. Dogs reward: to gloat to the cat, in an” I told you” moment, yep, this is nice stuff.
    6. Dogs are simply not sun-spot animals.
    7. Cat perplexed by canines retreat, returns to his throne in the sun.

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