2 shirts

This is sprint national team member Lauren Cholewinski’s t-shirt just before an early morning practice. She said she got this at inline world championships a few years ago.

It’s a wonderful shirt & I agree with this sentiment.

They say a picture can be worth 1000 words. But what if those words are in another language?

This was a shirt on the back of a Japanese skater training at the Utah oval. We both tried, but since we did not share a language, the 1000 words of this story will probably go unknown.

I do like the idea of being a “skating player”, whatever that is. Any ideas?

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  1. Sometimes in NYC you see vendors selling cool looking shirts with Japanese Characters on them. My daughter once bought one and our friend Kaoru always laughs when she wears it because it may look cool, but it has a similarly obscure message on it (something about mustard) and it makes no sense in Japanese. When our daughter Anna went to Japan last year she was hysterical when she saw all these people wearing t-shirts with random English words put together as phrases that made no sense, maybe this is one of those cases?

    As for the first one, in this case a picture embodies one collective thought…

  2. The Korean word for speedskater translates in English to “skating player” as well. What, they think this is play?!! Evidently so. ;-)

    Apolo Anton Ohno’s name in Korean translates back to English as “Five Ton Roh”. I’m not sure if the Koreans are referring to Apolo’s five Olympic medals, or if they are attempting a phonetic translation (with “Ton” for Anton and “roh” for the ending sound in Apolo,) or a combination of same. In China, Apolo’s name is a straight phonetic translation. Put his name in Chinese characters through Google, and you’re just as likely to bring up the Greek god Apollo, or the Apollo moon missions.

    The t-shirt? No clue! :D

  3. You should definitely submit this to http://www.engrish.com/ , I dont know if you’ve seen this site but its HILARIOUS! They have all sorts of mistranslated things.

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  5. www.engrish.com provided our family with about an hour of nonstop guffaws last night after reading Liz’s post. The shirt definitely belongs on the site, as does a few signs I’ve seen Andrew post here.
    Let’s Creative!

  6. FYI, the first t-shirt was one of the Cado Motus (the company formerly known as Mogema) designs from the 2007 inline world champs in Cali, Colombia.

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