I turned 38 today.

I’ve never been successful at writing about getting older, and that’s odd because I’m pretty good at talking about it-

but I do have one picture I am happy with.

This is me, the day I turned 36, skating during a global warming inspired evening at Lake Placid. It must have been 50 degrees and skating was comfortable with no gloves or hat.

It was so beautiful, the lights, 1980 Olympic buildings & the sky reflecting across drenched ice. The skates were throwing roostertails of water like powerboats.

I just kept skating and skating.

My family was in Placid too, and I knew that the moment I stepped off the ice, I’d be having dinner with them & the whole assortment of excellent people that is the east coast skate tribe in town for the Jack Shea races the next day.

(and we were singing in the rain all weekend, this link is probably the best skate video I’ve ever done)

So instead of putting on the macro-lens & trying to gain perspective, I am zooming the focus the other way.

This one moment, this one day, this one life, this sensation of flight that completes me & the good people I have met while pursuing it. I will let this moment stand to explain all others. It’s good.

(post written while baby-wrangling; RZ, you complete me too!)

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  1. Happy Birthday, Andrew!

    I remember that day back in 2007 - it was when Charlie and I first met you. What an odd weekend in the rain that was!

  2. And I believe it was Charlie holding my camera too, we traded off & on skating & taping.. I’ve got some nice footage of him as well..

    he has improved so much since then… I’ve gotten slower….

  3. Andrew has a tradition of doing something that for him represents the spirit of the coming year on the exact moment he was born. In the past, that moment has been spent skiing, or skating, or biking, or something like that.

    This year, at the exact moment of his birth, he was on the phone with a sick friend, while at work. Then he left work early to take care of the baby so I could go to work. No workout at all on his birthday!

    As his wife, this makes me very very happy. The focus of his life has changed. It’s what it needs to be right now. Maybe next year he’ll be doing something more fun, but then again, with a 14 month-old, I doubt it!

  4. Happy Birthday Andrew :)

    Great to see you at Trials

  5. Happy birthday, Andrew. I didn’t realize you were born in January–you’re just two weeks older than me and two days older than my wife.

    Life is grand, now. Today was the first time I got to speedskate at the Richmond Oval. The ice was fast (of course not likely as fast as SLC, but it was extremely dry inside). There’s a slew of available ice times–7-830 in the morning M-F as well as 430-600pm. Club ice was tonight and High Performance is tomorrow night (both at 6-8pm).

    I hope to post some pics from my Blackberry Storm tomorrow at timdemerjian.blogspot.com

    As always, it is awesome to hear about the successes in your life and in the lives of fellow skaters!

  6. Hey! How are you? Happy birthday!! I remember that day too. That was the weekend of the jack shea with 2 in of water on the ice haha. It’s great to see you truckin’ away on the ice like that :)

  7. Happy Birthday.
    And, from what I hear (and see and experience in my own way) kids do change things.
    So have fun and enjoy every moment.
    Although, from what you write, it appears you are already doing that.

  8. To Jessica–Thank you for that wonderful comment. Andrew is lucky to have you, and you are both lucky to have RZ. I don’t really know if Andrew would say that working out is more fun than baby wrangling. As far as I can see, he loves that job too. But children do that to you, don’t they?

    Love, Dad

  9. My how time flies…I remember that weekend quite well. You could waterski on the oval in a t-shirt but we still had fun. That evening, at your birthday party, we had a great time with everyone & I believe your Dad loved the hot wings!!!

    So now that you’re a dad, you’ll see how fast time flies and your daughter will be skating and setting her own PB before you know it.

    Happy Birthday from both of us!!! :)

  10. Best Andrew birthday memory — ski trip with Andrew, Jess, Kirk, Beth, Sarah and David. I had just found out I was pregnant with Ben, so that must have been January 2001 — the beginning of your 30s, Andrew. Sure looks different at the end, doesn’t it?



  11. Susan, I remember that one too. We were at Copper, or Breck, or something like that. At 1:05 pm we were at the top of a hill eating Hostess cupcakes.

    You had Ben in September 01, yes? So you must have been barely pregnant. You couldn’t come to our wedding either, in August of that year! Thanks a lot, Ben! ;)

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDREW!!! The old saying is true- (with the more years I add on to my age)…you are as young as you feel. And now that RZ is here, she’ll keep you very young….until she turns 13 and has a mind of her own. I have much experience with this ;-)! Haha.

    Great to see the revival of the Singing in the Rain video!! That was such a fun day, wasn’t it?? Glad we had the chance to meet- say, any Smoking Loon lately?
    Hope to be in Placid tomorrow-can’t wait! I have not been skating as much this season which has really been hard to swallow. Kids are very busy with their own activities and I started a new job that has sucked all my practice time to almost zero. Love the job, just can’t seem to find the balance between the two just yet. Sorry for the long post-Wishing you, Jess and RZ a wonderful happy new year!!

  13. Happy Birthday Andrew. Have many more. New picture of RZ pleeeeze

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