Gift of Dog

The truest gift of Dog is when they walk us into the morning, noon & night, and we can be alone with our thoughts, yet never lonely.

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  1. Great to see that our granddog is still receiving equal time on the blog and you have some time for contemplation.

  2. awesome picture!

  3. Great picture — and, Happy Birthday Andrew!!

  4. Just wanted to send birthday greetings to a great Love. Any many more. I adore seeing pics of RZ and thank you soooo much for the beautiful holiday card. When will she have her own website?

    XXOO Marcia

  5. This is a really fine photograph, and you cropped it just right. Given all the time I have spent on photography, some of my genes must have gotten through to you.

    I have a great 38 year old son! (Really 38 years old?? Yes!)

    Love, Dad

  6. Dude your dad is right there are quite a few reasons that is an outstanding photograph. You are right too mostly it is about the dog taking you there.

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