Rest Day

Digital cameras are indefatigueable. However even incredibly talented photographers are human, like the athletes, and need a rest day.

It’s easy to forget that the skaters are not machines. Every moment of graceful speed is earned through practice & pain.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow…. 1500m!!!

The pain cave awaits!

2 Responses to “Rest Day”

  1. The title, “Rest Day,” brings me to a reflection of the many hits by U2 that continuously play on the sound system at the UOO during practice sessions. One of my favorite songs that also fit the idea of a rest day to reflect on what has brought you to this special place is “Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own.”

    There are some elements of being an elite skater that are comprised of your own efforts, but [sometimes] you can’t make it on your own. Parents are who come to mind first, then coaches, fans, and perhaps even the media.

    Never forget [about] the blog…

  2. …and even Stephen Colbert!!!

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