where have I been?

20 days without a post? in the run up to the Olympics? whoa! Where have I been?

Here is what I have been devoting my time too, 2 MAJOR masters speedskating events!

here is the website I built to promote/support these events- mastersspeedskating.org.

As the USA rep to the IMSSC, I view it as my job to grow this sport, and I’ve worked my tail off in the past 16 months on these two events. This weekend in Salt Lake, 66 athletes from 10 nations are attending this event.

Next weekend in Milwaukee is the Masters Sprint Games. Skaters know it as the masters world championships, as that is what they really are, even thought the ISU will not grant masters speedskaters the same rights masters swimmers, cyclists, runners, and skiers have.

It’s an amazing experience to be a race organizer/volunteer. So many good people step up to the plate, and make events happen. I highly recommend it.

On the ice yesterday, the session was filled with Dutch, Russian, Norwegian, German, and Canadian masters athletes whizzing around.

Near the end of the session a HUGE man came up to me and said “hello, I am Vladamir, from Ruuusshia… 40-45 age grooouuup… how old youuu?”.

I smiled, so glad he was here, and thought of the moment when this race was just a proposal on my laptop, over a year ago.

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  1. Do you have any information for spectators at the Milwaukee event? (The Pettit center is pretty useless at promoting their events) I’ve just begun speed skating lessons at the Pettit, I’d love to come watch the races if that’s possible.

  2. This is pretty sweet!!!

  3. Andrew, from one of the old folks who will be skating these two events–thank you, thank you, THANK YOU (and all the other organizers)!!! I can’t tell you how grateful I am that you’ve put in the work so that we can skate! When I walked into the Oval yesterday for practice ice and saw that everyone on the ice was pretty much my age or older, I just started grinning…it’s so much fun to get to play with someone my own age for a change!

    Thanks again–I’m looking forward to two weekends of pure fun (well, and maybe a little pain…)

  4. When I went to Davos last weekend, a Swiss skater who found out where I was from informed me that Masters Sprints would be in Milwaukee soon. Nice job promoting!

  5. Andrew -

    You’re coming to Milwaukee and I’ll be in Seattle! What’s up with that? You need to plan better :-)

  6. Day one is done.. It is fun!!! Lets do it all over again Manana!!

  7. In response to the question regarding spectators at Pettit: The meet will be open to spectators. Probably there will be no charge. If that’s critical, ask at the Pettit window, Jan will give you the most accurate and complete information. Hope you can come!

  8. Will have to miss both events–I am on the field of play for the short track events at the Olympics.

  9. Congradulations on making it come together in SLC. The USA couldn”t have a better representative. Enjoy and good luck with the Master Sprints next weekend too!

    All the best - Doug

  10. Andrew, I wanted to say thanks for all your efforts. The SLC event was my first ever experience skating at this type of meet, and it really seemed to come together nicely. Great job!

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