Welcome to Canada

one the wall of the Utah Olympic oval weight room, an article from the Wall Street Journal.

Chosen by the author to represent Canada in this article are Canadian Speedskaters Cindy Klassen and Clara Hughes.

I take all of this pre-Olympic trash talking as seriously as what my brother and I do to each other before a night of air hockey at a bar. We are family, and that comes first.

And because we are family, we can push each other’s buttons, talk some serious smack about each other, end up the evening drunk & with bloody knuckles (David & I take our air hockey quite seriously) and these moments strangely re-enforce our brotherhood.

What can I say but men are strange.

The family of nations is equally strange & wonderful during the Olympic games. You can feel intense national pride one moment, chant USA! USA! USA! at the top of your lungs, and the next find yourself granting deep respect and admiration for athletes from all over the world.

You find yourself celebrating with them, after a moment earlier, cheering against them.

This WSJ article is an academic exercise for most people reading it. But for that tiny number of human beings who are USA Olympians, it’s a challenge to train hard, focus, and get ready…

Can you feel it? the Olympics are almost here.

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