Caption This #2

Some images just beg for words to be added to them, to explain what “is really is going on”: The first picture has to do with speedskating, the rest are just odd, I will leave suggestive captions up to your collected good minds:

Please leave your creative caption in the comments-

Picture #1

Picture #2

Picture #3

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14 Responses to “Caption This #2”

  1. Picture #1
    Your eyes can deceive you, don’t trust them, use the force!

    Picture #2
    Hey kid, I’m a Giraffe, you love Giraffes more than mom & dad, lets go!!

    Picture #3
    Who needs all this hard training when you can have Chinese runes of POWER tattooed on your leg!!!

  2. #1- It’s easy, GO FAST - TURN LEFT. You don’t even need to see where you are going.

    #2- You think a Giraffe is cool? I am SPIDER WOMAN!

    #3- At the fair, not only the cattle got branded!

  3. He has a GPS attached to the inside of the bucket! of course, he’s going the wrong way on the track…

  4. need a hole in the bucket, dear andrew, dear andrew….
    this look s exactly like My crib!
    henna, fine art of road rash.

    from Kim if you have not figures it out.

  5. When the picture was taken of me with the bucket on my head, I did not realize I was skating the wrong direction..

    It was an extremely weird experience… skating blind…. I highly recommend it..

  6. Picture #1: “Hey, I’m working on my ‘Bucket List’!”

  7. 1. Has anyone seen my glasses?
    2. Man, this is the biggest playpen I ever saw!
    3. You mean this doesn’t say, “kiss me, I’m a speedskater”?

  8. 1. Uh, which way did he go George, which way did he go?

    2. See Mr. Giraffe? Just put one foot in front of the other!

    3. I bleed speed.


  10. #1 …because some days a helmet is just not enough.
    #2 “I want to ride the horsie.”
    #3 Blazing fast speed! **in bed

  11. 1. It wasn’t enough to practice on one foot at a time…
    2. Look, it’s bigger than that one in the store…and it MOVES!!
    3. Oh, you were talking about the tattoo? I thought we were reading the sock ;)

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  13. #1. So you think you’re a pro huh? Well, try this!
    #2. Aawww.. he’s so cute! Can we have him daddy please??
    #3. Hello, my face is about one and three quatres of a metre up

  14. Now that so many good folks have added their creativity, I wanted to give 2 quick notes.

    Picture #2
    RZ truly loves Giraffes, she would have totally climbed into the cage if we had not stopped her.

    Picture #3
    That actually is the Chinese character for “courage” on my calf. A good thing to get airbrushed on your leg at the state fair!!!

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