Video of Chad’s 1500m

I produced this for Chad Hedrick's web site, from my own hand held camera shots.. I might as well post it here too.

During today's 1500m, Chad Hedrick was paired with fast starter Joey Cheek, Chad chased him down, and came within .02 of his own world record.

There is a really emotional scene after the races, where Chad & Derek Parra congratulate each other, Derek also skated a tremendous 1500m, and qualified for the Olympics despite all the odds against him (he has been going through a lot recently). In the shot are their two coaches, Scott Koons and Bart Schouten.

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  1. By the way, don’t you LOVE the hook ‘em horns? Andrea held up her UT sweatshirt the other day when he was on the podium for the 5K, and he I got a pic of him doing there, as well. She was sooooo excited. Gotta love that TEXAS THANG!!!!

  2. Happy new year!!!!!!!!!
    It is Jun 1st 2006 in Taiwan now.
    I wish every one will have a wonderful 2006.
    happy new year and good luck at the Olympic trial

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