5th Anniversary

The jazz band was pressurized like they were jamming in the belly of a nuclear submarine cruising 20,000 leagues under the groove sea.

Their song selection was Red Hot Chili Peppers, Prince, Portishead, Fleetwood Mac, and John Lennon. No vocals, just smooth periscopes & torpedoes of groove, sh-boom, sh-boom…

Jess and I shared sushi and plum wine, and celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. Our emotional sonar peering into the future & looking back. This amazing life, my amazing wife, 5 years… wow…

Somehow this feels like this will be my last speedskating season, I have worked so hard, but every submarine must surface. After several glasses of sake, and glorious raw concoctions from the sushi bar, this fuzzy reality seeps in, and it’s ok…

The next morning, Jess goes off to work, and the dog and I do an easy recovery jog on the Salt Flats. I am still sore (and that’s normal) from my intense day in the weight room. I find peace in the weirdness & foulness that is the Salt Lake.

The recent rains created bands of slop; If it’s possible, Lilly did her best to get more muddy than my shoes. After a two miles of mud-trotting, & Lilly doing multiple mud-angels (like us humans make “snow-angels”) we arrived at the water.

Lilly waded out and flopped in the six inch deep sea-monkey filled soup of the great Salt Lake, wagging her tail furiously in the constant NOW of being a happy dog.

She kept looking at me as if to say: “come on in, the slime is GREAT!”.

Someday Lilly will be gone, someday the Salt Lake will dry up. Someday America will be gone like Rome is gone, my skate blades will rust away to nothingness, and this body I inhabit will be returned to its natural element breakdown: 65% water/35% coffee grounds & lime Gatorade mix.

But for now, for this brief moment I have, I love my wife & the last 5 years of our marriage, and I want to return every ounce of unconditonal love the once terribly abused Lilly shows me. That is enough.

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  1. I am renewing your contract! Depite the fact that I will likely be the one cleaning the bathtub after you washed all that lovely muck off the dog…

  2. Andrew, I applaud you for being a proud and even brave enough man to say the things you say about Jessica to THE WORLD. There aren’t enough men in the world willing to do that. What a lucky woman Jess is for that. Of course, although I’ve never met her, I’m sure you’re lucky to have her, as well, especially if she cleans up after those shoes… wink wink!!!!

    Congrats on the first five of many many happy years!!!!!!!!!!

  3. the shoes are still outside the front door.. I have not dealt with them yet, the dog was overwhelming..

    the bathtub has a 1/2 inch coating of sand and hair on it…

    sigh, the joys of love & dogs…

  4. is that the same place we went with mom and dad at Christmas where I couldn’t eat a single thing?

  5. oh, and while you were running around the salt lake, I was chasing an armadillo around my apartment complex at 3am!

  6. Those are some muddy shoes. I shudder to think what a mess that dog was.

  7. Inquiring minds want to know: Why were you chasing the armadillo? Did you catch it? And, what then?

    Plus, I second what Steph says. you’re both rare and wonderful people, I suspect that in part you make each other that way. Certainly you could do the next generation of women a great boon by raising up a whole lot of sons just like yourself.

  8. Because that’s what you do in Texas when you’re bored.

    Actually, I was trying to get a cell phone photo. He somehow snuck away, which is odd because the rest of the time made a huge racket! Kinda like a bowling ball through the bushes.

  9. I agree, too, that you’re both wonderful people!

    The pettit has cream puff curling during state fair. Like Armadillo Chasing, THAT is what you do in Wisconsin when you’re bored.

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