More Ice

I once stayed up all night watching a master bike builder turn a bunch of titanium tubes into a finished bicycle; I still ride that bike.

Over a year ago, as I was being molded by Bruce Koen for the custom speedskating boots I now wear, I got a picture of that beginning.

Raw beginnings fascinate me, so maybe that is why every time I am at the oval, I can’t stop watching the ice being laid. A watched pot on a stove might not boil, but watched water will freeze right in front of your eyes.

The first day of skating is less than 48 hours away… I hope I can fit my right foot into my boot, I got stung by a bee a few days ago in the ankle, and although I have full mobility, the swelling makes my foot look really odd.

A wise friend once said to me “things are best in their beginnings”. This idea can be applied across so many spectrums, including this sport; as there are no more reflective beginnings than perfect ice.

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  1. I marvel at this too. I am at the oval in the mornings every monday wednesday and friday when they put down a new layer and the guys at TOSH have to pull me away from the pads. I don’t know what it is but I just find that I know what’s going to come from that and it makes me think what I can get out of it and I just keep thinking of the possibilities.

  2. Oh and by the way can I use that picture for my documentary about the life of a skater that I’m making? (if you want to help with my documentary or if you think there is something that is very important that should be told in it then let me know.)

  3. Paul, thanks so much for ASKING me permission, you have laudable understanding of digital copyright laws, and excellent politeness… and I am glad to let you use this picture..

    I can tell from my webstats, that even though we are only 10 days into august, hundreds and hundreds of times, images that I made for this site are being used on other sites (230 times on myspace alone in these first 10 days of august) and that is just the ones I can see through my own methods!!!!

    again, I never mind if people ASK, but please ask, it feels pretty crummy when I find images I made, (or in once case, an image I bought from a photographer) reproduced elsewhere…

    and good luck with the documentary! I would be happy to be of any help I can…

  4. Paul, I don’t have a lot to say about perfect ice (or the reflections in it), but if you’d like to hear about “what lives UNDER the ice,” I’d be happy to help you out.

  5. Andrew
    a belated congratulations on your anniversary, and sharing it with us. As I think you know, Sue and I just celebrated our 31st July 24th.
    It will be good to get back on the ice again; I didn’t think I’d anticipate an early start to the ice season, but I do this year!
    Bees/wasps-R-us this season, I seem to get stung every skate on the Jordan River parkway. but it makes for damn effective adrenaline-driven tempos!

  6. Hi Andrew and other bee victims. Someone I used to ride with in Ann Arbor several years ago got a wasp in her helmet during a crit, and she finished the race with it stinging her because she wasn’t sure that would be a legitimate reason (like a flat) to be out a lap. She won the race. (I wasn’t there - I think it was the year beforeI started riding, but she told the story a few times.)

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